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Aspose has a long history of providing C++ libraries that are easy to use, flexible, and powerful. Since 2002, the company has helped developers add file format conversion and manipulation capabilities to their applications. Aspose.Total for C++ is a complete package of C++ libraries originated to create, manipulate & convert Microsoft Office & PDF file formats without requiring Office or Adobe applications. It also includes a specialized group of APIs to generate & recognize barcode labels from images with advanced features to customize the barcode generation and recognition process as well as OCR library for extracting text from images having different fonts and styles.

Aspose.Total for C++ consists of:

Aspose.Words for C++
Aspose.PDF for C++
Aspose.Cells for C++
Aspose.Email for C++
Aspose.Slides for C++
Aspose.BarCode for C++
Aspose.Tasks for C++
Aspose.OCR for C++
Aspose.Page for C++
Aspose.PUB for C++

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